What is coaching?

A simple definition is that coaching enables you to perform at your best.  My role as your coach is to draw out your solutions, ideas and resources.  Coaching has a purpose: to enable you to get clear about what is important to you, e.g. what you want in life, work, career or recreation; then help you find your ways of achieving this.  That might be to enhance your performance or productivity, to find the right career, to develop your leadership behaviours, to step up into a new role, to align your life more closely to your values, to find the motivation to change and to grow or to help you to be the best you can be.   Coaching starts with the belief that you are capable, resourceful and have a world of possibility within you and, importantly, that you don't need fixing.  Coaching is a solution focussed, forward moving process, looking ahead to the outcomes you want to achieve and finding changes in thinking and behaviour that will get you there. 

My Approach to Coaching ...

I start with the belief that you, the client, are resourceful, creative and capable and don't need "fixing".  Getting really clear on what you really want is key, and we will spend time making sure that clarity is achieved and what success will look like for you.  We will look at why it is important to you and what success will bring you. My role is then to to elicit from you options, solutions and actions that will get you to where you want to be and to support you while you overcome barriers and work towards your goal.  By listening to you, asking questions and reflecting back what I am hearing, I will help you understand the values, beliefs, assumptions, capabilities, skills, resources and behaviour patterns that are helping or hindering you. 

Part of my role is to create a safe space for you to think and speak openly and honestly.  You will not be judged by me.  I am here to support you, to trust you, to challenge you, and to raise your self awareness in order for you to achieve the goals and outcomes you want.  Each client brings their own unique self to coaching and my approach is to treat you as a unique human being with, as yet, unrealised potential.  Together we will identify and remove the interference that is getting in the way of your potential being realised.

As we work together I will listen, ask questions, offer observations and feedback for us to discuss, and help you work out options and plan actions.  I will at times offer ideas for you to consider alongside your own ideas.  We will work towards the outcomes you have chosen and keep checking on progress and what you are learning along the way.   Coaching identifies your strengths, and reconnects you with your best self and past successes, and arming you with new or forgotten resources and empowerment to take into your future.

As a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and of the Association of Professional Executive Coaches and Supervisors (APECS),  I work within their competency framework and adhere to the ICF and APECS Code of Ethics. 

Coaching is different to Mentoring...

Coaching and mentoring are often mixed up, and the terms used interchangeably.  They are however different approaches and both can be useful.  Mentoring is characterised by offering advice and suggestions based on the mentor's own experience and knowledge of a problem, a situation or an organisation.  In mentoring you are accessing the mentor's resources and experience.  In coaching, the coach is less directive and more focussed on drawing out the client's resources and capabilities and solutions and consequently the client is more committed to the course of action than when considering someone else's advice.