Coaching Sports Men and Women

My belief is that sports men and women have a very similar intention to business executives: they are executing a strategy and set of plans to get the best outcome they can achieve. Sports men and women want to realise more or their potential to perform at their best more of the time and particularly under the pressure of competition.  This is true of both professionals and amateurs. 

Just like business leaders, sports men and women can get in their own way, often without realising it and can fall into patterns of behaviour and self talk that are inhibiting their performance. Sometimes the processes and thinking that got them to their current level are not enough to move to the next level. 

My coaching in this context continues to focus on you as a whole, capable, creative and unique individual. While holding you in unconditional positive regard, we will co-create a coaching relationship in which my questions, deep listening, support, challenge and invitation to reflection will enable you to find, reinforce and refine the inner beliefs and behaviours you need to take you towards your goals. 

Working with me, you will be challenged and have fun and we will create a coaching package tailored for you.