Mindful Golf Coaching and Training

How to improve your golf without changing your golf swing.

There are only two things that golfers of all standards are trying to control - the golf ball and themself.  The margins for error in the golf swing are so small that we will never eliminate poor shots, however with practice you can gain control of yourself and how your mind influences your body and consequently influences how you perform.  Whatever standard you are at; a professional wanting to move your game to the next level or amateur wanting to enjoy the game more and/or break 100, 90, 80 or 70, getting control of your mind, emotions and reactions will improve your ability to play your best golf.   I can help you to develop mastery of your thinking, beliefs and self talk in order to manage of your emotional state on and off the course. 

Two offerings for Golfers:

1.  Mindful Golf Coaching:  Realising your Potential

Just like executives and business leaders, as a golfer you can get in your own way.  Often without realising it you fall into patterns of thinking, behaviour and self talk that  inhibit your performance. Knowing how you should be thinking and behaving and actually doing it not the same thing! 

To the establised, experienced golfer, with good understanding of how to think and good routines and rituals I offer coaching to help you move to the next level.   For those new to Mindful Golf, I offer coaching to help you embed the new learning and take it onto the course. 

In both cases we will co-create the relationship you need to support your releasing your golfing potential starting with establishing your goals. as with all my clients, I will coach you as whole resourceful, capable individual, working towards what you want from your game. We will work on your agenda towards your goals.

2.  Mindful Golf Lessons: learn the fundamentals

I will teach you to apply proven techniques and methods to improve your game and enable you to play more consistently through training your golf brain: the development of useful rituals and routines that enable you to play at your best more often.  These techniques and methods have been developed by Karl Morris, Pia Nilsson, Lynn Marriott, Bob Rotella, Tim Gallwey and others and have been proven to work by Open Champions Darren Clarke, Louis Oosthuizen and Padraig Harrington, US Open champion Graeme McDowell, and LPGA and Ladies European Tour legend Annika Sorenstam and the Swedish Golf Union. I will help you to build your confidence through developing useful thinking processes and practice routines that will enable you to deliver more consistent performance that will lead to better scoring and more enjoyment.  

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