Coaching Super-Vision

Coach Super-Vision

For me, Coach Supervision could best be thought of as Super - Vision. It is a space for reflection focussed on three areas of the coach's practice: practice management, professional and personal development, and care and wellbeing of the coach.   These reflections are in service of the coach's client and of the coach’s transformational learning and growth.  

As a supervisor, I am offering a co-created learning partnership in which the you will be supported, challenged, respected, and encouraged to learn from what emerges from your experiences working with clients.   My offer is to support you to find out who you are as a coach.  Between us we create the safe space that holds and enables the work, whatever that work is.  Within the boundaries of my knowledge, skill and codes of ethics, my approach is adaptable to your needs.  It is about your professional and personal development through partnered reflection on your practice and growing your self-awareness.

Super-Vision for Internal Coaches

My last role at GlaxoSmithKline was Director of Coaching with responsibility for the cohort of over 300 internal coaches who coached other leaders in addition to their normal roles in the organisation.  I have personal experience of the conflicting agendas, boundary management and other challenges of operating as an internal coach.  Therefore, I am particularly interested in offering an empathetic and independent supervision and continuous development for internal coaches. 

A metaphor for Coach Super-Vision

Supervision is like a walk with the coach around their coaching garden; noticing what our attention is drawn to, noticing the pace at which we are walking, noticing what we are walking towards, what we are skirting round, which areas in the garden are well tended, which flower beds are being prepared, and what areas are still wild and unattended.